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A Timely Intervention



From Invisible Helpers

By C W Leadbeater



VARIED as is this work on the astral plane, it is all directed to one great end - the furtherance, in however humble a degree, of the processes of evolution.


Occasionally it is connected with the development of the lower kingdoms, which it is possible slightly to accelerate under certain conditions. A duty towards these lower kingdoms, elemental as well as animal and vegetable, is distinctly recognized by our adept leaders, since it is in some cases only through connection with or use by man that their progress takes place.


But naturally by far the largest and most important part of the work is connected with humanity in some way or other. The services rendered are of many and various kinds, but chiefly concerned with man’s spiritual development, such physical interventions as are recounted in Some Instances of Help being

exceedingly rare. They do, however, occasionally take place, and though it is my wish to emphasize rather the possibility of extending mental and moral help to our fellow-men, it will perhaps be well to give two or three instances in which

friends personally known to me have rendered physical assistance to those in sore need of it, in order that it may be seen how these examples from the experience of the helpers gear in with the accounts given by those who have received the supernormal aid - such stories, I mean, as those which are to be found in the literature of so-called “supernatural occurrences.”


In the course of a recent civil disturbance in an unstable country one of our members was sent upon an errand of mercy which may serve as an illustration of the way in which help upon this lower plane has occasionally been given.


It seems that one night a certain farmer and his family in that country were sleeping tranquilly in fancied security, quite unaware that only a few miles away guerillas were lying in ambush maturing fiendish plots of murder and rapine.


Our member’s business was in some way or other to arouse the sleeping family to a sense of the terrible danger which so unexpectedly menaced them, and she found this by no means an easy matter.


An attempt to impress the idea of imminent peril upon the brain of the farmer failed utterly, and as the urgency of the case seemed to demand strong measures, our friend decided to materialize herself sufficiently to shake the housewife by the shoulder and adjure her to get up and look about her. The moment she saw that she had been successful in attracting attention she vanished, and the

farmer’s wife has never from that day to this been able to find out which of her neighbours it was who roused her so opportunely, and thus saved the lives of the entire family, who but for this mysterious intervention would undoubtedly have been massacred in their beds half an hour later; nor can she even now understand how this friend in need contrived to make her way in, when all the windows and doors were found so securely barred.


Being this abruptly awakened, the housewife was half inclined to consider the warning a mere dream; however, she arose and looked around just to see that all was right, and fortunate it was that she did so, for though she found nothing

amiss indoors she had no sooner thrown open a shutter than she saw the sky red with a distant conflagration. She at once roused her husband and the rest of the family, and owing to this timely notice they were able to escape to a place of

concealment near at hand just before the arrival of the guearillas, who destroyed the house and ravaged the fields indeed, but were disappointed of the human prey which they had expected. The feelings of the rescuer may be imagined when she read in the newspaper some time afterwards an account of the providential deliverance of this family.



Charles Webster Leadbeater

1858? - 1934


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Tekels Park to be Sold to a Developer



Members of the Theosophical Society worldwide are dismayed to learn that this Jewel in the Theosophical Crown, Tekels Park, is to be sold to a developer.


Tekels Park is a 50 acre woodland park in Camberley, Surrey, England which was purchased for the Theosophical Society in England in 1929.


Concerns are being raised about the fate of the deer and other wildlife and there has been no comment on this issue from Tekels Park Estate Limited, who manage the Park on behalf of the Adyar based Theosophical Society in England.


Tekels Park is sanctuary for  animal wildlife including deer, foxes, squirrels, badgers and stoats, and for birdlife including sparrowhawks, woodpeckers, tawny owls and many more. There are many species of trees including 3 types of redwood, ginkgo, eucalyptus, red oak, tall magnolias and lebanese cedars.


Madeleine Leslie-Smith, a long-term resident of Tekels Park wrote 'A personal recollection' in 1996. She commented: 'Tekels Park is in reality a mini Nature reserve ... It is up to us to preserve it from encroachment so that it may increasingly become a centre of Peace and dynamic spirituality'



The Sale of Tekels Park to a Developer







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Wales is a Principality within the United Kingdom and has an eastern

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The coastline is almost 750 miles long. The population of Wales

as at the 2001 census is 2,946,200.